First ultrasound success

Our first ultrasound went well.  I have been convinced both embryos took and I was going you see little ones in there, but there was only one. It measured out right on target for 6w4d and had a nice hummingbird heartbeat of 119 bbm.

It was pretty amazing seeing the heart flutter and hearing it. I was a little dissapointed and sad that one of the embryos didnt make it, but I am so happy that the one that did is doing so well.

We’re at the airport waiting to fly home now and am a little sad that we wont be going back to pur clinic,  since we’ll be with our normal ob now.

Storkchaser has been in southern California all week for work, but I flew down Friday night to meet her. Since I waited too long to get good airfare,  we are on separate flights home. She’s flying home on Southwest… I am flying home on this.


No joke.


First Ultrasound 13 Hours Away!

Our first ultrasound is exactly 13 hours away as I start writing this post. Storkchaser will be at 6 weeks and 4 days when we go in.  I am excited and surprisingly, not really nervous.  When we first got that positive test, I was freaking out. Memories of past losses came charging to the front of my mind and every night I would go to sleep hoping we would still be pregnant in the morning.

After Storkchaser’s 3rd blood test on February 17th, all of that worry started going away pretty quickly. Storkchaser, on the other hand, is still having a tough time enjoying it and is constantly worried. Even though her betas were following the tables, she still felt the need to test at home constantly. It didn’t really make any sense, because at that point, she would still be testing postiive even if something was wrong, but it calmed her down, so I let her pee without a word.

Her pregnancy symptoms continue to progress as expected, which helps me a lot. Her, not so much. I do what I can to remind her that so far we haven’t had anything to cause alarm, but I make sure I leave it as that and just try to listen and let her worry. I know she is having a really hard time leading up to tomorrow’s ultrasound. I’m not sure if its the stress of the upcoming appointment, the hormones, or both, but this weekend has been full of emotional swings.

I am pretty confident that everything will go well tomorrow and am excited to find out if both embryos stuck. I hope so. I also hope that Storkchaser finds the comfort she needs in a good, textbook ultrasound tomorrow and can enjoy an entire worry free day.

It’s time for bed now… 12 hours and 14 minutes and counting!

Friday the 13th

I like Friday the 13th. I always feel like something is going to happen. Nothing bad, but something unusual. Most often, nothing happens in spite of everyone hoping it will, just so they can say, “Only of Friday the 13th!” or some derivative of that.

Well, on this particular Friday the 13th, something that I often thought never would happen actually did. I can now semi-comfortably say that we’re pregnant! (Well Storkchaser is, but I will be helping out, so let’s say “we” are.)

As you know, Storkchaser has been peeing on anything with an absorbent tip the last few days and with good results. She went in to get her blood test on Wednesday, which was two days early. Her first beta was 82.


The day after her first beta, I looked up the estimated due date for our hopefully baby. I was excited to share, so I forwarded it on to my lovely wife. This was the result.

Her second test was today and it increased to 249! Everything is going as it should and I am resting much easier now that there is proof that things are progessing normally.

Ever since she got that BFP on that first HPT after transfer, the bad memories of those four chemical pregnancies and how they felt kept creeping up and freaking me out.  It feels so good to see all that hcg and really helps ease my worries.

I feel good. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop…as much. I was cautiously optimistic before, but now I am mostly excited! We have one more blood test ordered if we want to check in again, then we will have our first ultrasound at the beginning of March.

I can’t wait until ultrasound day. We transferred two and I’m hoping they are both still there. My body is not footing the bill, so it’s easy for me to root for multiples.

What a great day. Hope the 13th brings you nothing but good news today!

Pee all around me

After transfer,  we talked about being patient and waiting for blood test day.  We have been disappointed by HPTs before (4 chemicals) and I really didn’t want to go through that again.

But here we are,  just a hair under 7 days past a 5 day embryo transfer, and there are sticks covered in pee everywhere.  And they all have two pink lines or say “pregnant” in black and grey lcd glory.

We are almost 14 days past trigger (250 microgram ovidrel). According to my calculations, yesterday was the end of the long range that the hcg could be over the sensitivity threshold for the sticks she’s using.

Of course, she is still peeing. The lines are getting darker, amazingly. Im still not totally buying until we draw blood, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting.

At this point I have accepted that pee will be in places its not supposed to be until we draw blood. I am ok with it, as long as lines get darker and the caps stay on the sticks.


Not quite like this, though.

Thanks, J.

Today we returned home, back to Northern California. As much as we enjoyed Southern California, we were both ready to get home. Storkchaser insisted on driving the bulk of the way home, because she had too much anxiety to not be in control of the car. Traveling between the two cities takes anywhere between 7 and 9 hours, depending on how fast you drive and how much traffic you hit. I don’t like driving and I wouldn’t say I am particularly good at it, but I wasn’t totally comfortable with her driving, since I felt like she should be resting. I changed my mind pretty quickly when she did let me drive for about two hours and was borderline hyperventilating most of that time.

Along the way home, we stopped off at one of Storkchaser’s best TTC blog friend’s house for a quick visit, since it was sort of on the way back up north. Let’s call this friend J. Before I start, let me say that I am grateful that Storkchaser has this particular friend in her life. She is quick witted and hilarious, so she does a great job of making this whole TTC shittiness a little less wet and mushy. Plus, she was there to help administer injections while I was away from Storkchaser for a few days at the start of this cycle.

While we were eating lunch with her, her husband, and her adorable newish baby girl, the topic of testing early comes up. We talk about trying to wait until the prescribed testing date to try to not go crazy guessing if lines are lines and what it means if there’s no line, then the next thing I know, J is running to the back of the house to scrounge up a HPT. Of course, she comes back with one and starts throwing out rationalizations for why we should test right this instant. Let’s test out that trigger shot, she says. Sure, it’s been a hair over ten days since the trigger shot–that won’t be confusing at all!

Luckily, J’s husband saves the day when he notes that the expiration date on the HPT was almost four years ago. Next thing I know, J returns with a fresh, crisply wrapped first response test. YAY.

By the end of lunch, Storkchaser had downed a bunch of water (she had just gone to the bathroom right before we got to the house) and was peeing on that stick. Lo and behold, there’s a line. It’s pretty faint, but I have seen fainter.

So what is this line? Is it residual HCG? It probably is, but what if it isn’t????

Since I am in the passenger side of my best friend’s (and more) ride, I time to think and google. I find the documentation for our trigger shot (ovidrel, 250 μg). The documentation for the drug says the half-life is 29 hours +/- 6 hours. So that’s a range of 23 hours to 35. The hcg numbers I found for this dose of ovidrel were between 5000-6700. Either way, according to my calculations, the range of time for the trigger shot to clear is approximately 9.6 days to 14.6 days. We were sitting on just a hair over 10.5 days when that so-fresh-its-clear pee hit that stick. So as you can see, the result is pretty definitive.


Actually I am thankful. Even though I know this is probably residual trigger, it was at least fun to do something other than wait. Any update, even if it is confusing and clear as mud, is still an update! Now I just need to keep Storkchaser away from our stockpile of pink wrappers until our prescribed blood test day on Friday the 13th.

Sounds solid to me.

Progesterone Constipation

I am a “twice a day without delay” kind of person. (My littlest brother told me that little rhyme when we were taking about poo frequency when he was about twelve.) That is no exaggeration and is actually being modest. I once asked my doctor if I should be worried because I was hitting 4-6 ppd territory for a while.

Storkchaser on the other hand, is my polar opposite when it comes to bowel movements.  The yin to my fecal yang. Now that she’s getting her daily progesterone shot, its even worse! BM times are some ofbmy favorite times, so I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be for her to be double stopped up.

I do my best to sneak in as much fiber as I can. Her morning smoothie is chock-full of vegetables, fruits, and heaping spoons of flax seed. Every thing is whole grain and the only bread we have is DOUBLE fiber.

I think it is helping, but she is still taking senekot every day and stool softener as well. Even with all of this, she still complains about struggles in the bathroom.

I want to help. Do you have any magic bullets or hot tips? We need to get the beavers in full dam construction mode. (The beavers and dam poo thing is from our two year old nephew. Shout out to him!)

Thanks for reading. I am getting so bored now that our “ivf vacation” is winding down!


Post-Transfer Comedown

Doing our first IVF cycle away from home has been awesome.  We I don’t have to work and Storkchaser gets to telecommute, so we have a lot of time on our hands. Before transfer, our days basically consisted of getting up and having a quick breakfast, running out to an appointment, then filling our day with whatever time we had left.

Now that the transfers are done, its just wake up and fill time. It’s tough now that we are just sitting here in familiar TWW territory. There’s no status updates from a monitoring appointment, no calls from an embryologist, and nothing on the calendar except for the blood test on FRIDAY THE 13th to see if this cycle worked out.

Since we don’t have to go into work and since Storkchaser is on prescribed restricted activity, we are mostly just sitting around. Yesterday we did make it out to the beach, which was nice, but we’re still getting a little stir crazy here. With the protection of distraction gone, the fertility med side effects poked their heads out of the ground yesterday.

Yesterday, we got a phone call from our house sitter and found out that one of our three dogs, our big boy, had been a bad dog that evening and destroyed a bunch of carpet. Long story short, we got into a huge argument over it. It was totally unnecessary. I got it started, and once it did, the meds jumped in and the argument took on a life of its own. It wasn’t as bad as our old friend, Clomid, so that was nice.

Things are OK now. I guess I got a little spoiled by the evenness of this cycle, but I need to be better about being aware and keeping my own pride from jumping in to do battle with the meds and the meds are sticking around for the long haul. Those two definitely do not get along. It’s going to be a super party once the natural pregnancy hormones kick in, but I can’t wait for that. I’ll have lucky charms and taco bell there to help soothe all of us!

Hopefully yesteday’s negativity and loud voices didn’t scare those embryos…poop.